As your business grows and develops, continuity and the security of knowing that there will be no surprises, is exactly what O'Gorman & co. provides.

In this changing environment of increased globalisation and information technology, you will encounter increased regulation and tighter deadlines. You may also need advice on the tax systems of other countries where cross border transactions are concerned. With the Internet, your market opportunities can quickly change and O'Gorman & co. will work to ensure any tax implications are minimised. Whether you are investing overseas, returning from working abroad, or putting your personal affairs in order, we can help you plan your tax affairs efficiently.

Taxation, in its many guises, impacts on both our business and personal lives. We at O'Gorman & co. are ideally positioned to provide a first class seamless professional service, dealing with all taxation aspects of your life. This can range from the needs of an entrepreneur with a young family, to expanding a business by merger or acquisition, through to transferring or selling the business on retirement and minimising the gift and inheritance tax in connection with estate planning.